Posted by: kathyseal | September 11, 2008

Paying kids to learn in Kansas City

Another writer questions paying kids to learn, this time in Kansas City — see Steve Rosen at

I just got an email from myfriend Molly whose kids went to an elementary school that emphasized a love of learning so much that kids didn’t get grades — but lots and lots of comments and feedback from the teachers.  Now they’re  at  a well-respected  private middle school. Their classmates who came from pressured schools “are already burned out and my guys are just warming up,” says Molly.  What’s really interesting to me is that the teachers in thishighly respected private school, she adds , “are mostly superb and motivating.”

That makes me think that the best teachers in the best schools try hard and are really good at revving up kids’ inner passion for learning. But when it comes to disadvantaged kids, these new programs rely on paying the kids to learn, instead.  Here’s my question: why can’t we instead start programs to get disadvantaged kids the same superb and motivating teachers that kids get at the really good schools,  private and public alike?



  1. Every program I have ever seen gives the teacher something more to do to motiveate the kids to learn. Motivation must come from within. We have to tap into the students inner desire to make education work today. The Future leaders of the world (FLOW) Project does just that. Motivates the student to get involved in their education in a real way. Check us out.

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